Listening || What Nobody Tells You About Rape: Transcript

I’ve written often about my experience of sexual violence, but I don’t often go into a lot of detail. This week, I decided that needed to change. I know the source of so much pain has been not having another survivor sharing a story like mine and I don’t want other survivors to feel as alone as I did.
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Thinking || Brock Turner: The Personification of Disrespect to Sexual Assault Survivors

Today, three months into a six month sentence, Brock Turner walked out of prison. Like many others, this rapist’s woefully short sentence was halved for ‘good behaviour’ in what cannot be interpreted as anything other than a slap in the face to his victim and to survivors across the world. TW: Rape and sexual assault.

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Thinking || #WEcount: Reclaiming London for Survivors

I first met Pavan Amara about six weeks ago and remember thinking to myself “are you sure this is Pavan Amara?”. Let me explain – a year or so ago, I read about something called the My Body Back Project. Pavan had set up the project after her own experience with sexual violence, determined to help fellow survivors in reclaiming their bodies.

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