Thinking | Be An Anti-Racist: Resources

It’s long-past time for white people (myself included) to start being proactively anti-racist. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s difficult to know where to start, but that is not an excuse to remain silent.

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Listening || What Nobody Tells You About Rape: Transcript

I’ve written often about my experience of sexual violence, but I don’t often go into a lot of detail. This week, I decided that needed to change. I know the source of so much pain has been not having another survivor sharing a story like mine and I don’t want other survivors to feel as alone as I did.
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Thinking || BBC Breakfast’s 100 Years of Suffrage: Achievement or Gimmick?

As part of my usual morning routine, I sat in front of the TV this morning and turned on BBC Breakfast while drying my hair. I was confronted by something slightly different – Dan Walker was absent, and Louise Minchin was accompanied by Steph McGovern. Aha! I thought, an all-female sofa – must be 6th February.

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Thinking || Brock Turner: The Personification of Disrespect to Sexual Assault Survivors

Today, three months into a six month sentence, Brock Turner walked out of prison. Like many others, this rapist’s woefully short sentence was halved for ‘good behaviour’ in what cannot be interpreted as anything other than a slap in the face to his victim and to survivors across the world. TW: Rape and sexual assault.

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Reading || The Life-Saving Magic of a Good Book

HAPPY SUMMER! Or not. Because today is officially shite. Firstly, it is raining on an almost biblical scale. Secondly, we’re emerging from a double whammy of hate, following last week’s horrific assault on the LGBTQIA community in Orlando, and the senseless murder of Jo Cox. Finally, I’m quite convinced that we’re approximately three days from a xenophobia-fuelled self-imposed exile from the EU. Needless to say, I am not full of the joy of Summer.

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