Nailblazer || Welcome! Let’s get rid of this “I can’t have nice nails because…”

Thanks for stopping by!

I won’t ramble on for too long about who I am or how I got here but I wanted to start this off by saying thank you for reading. At this exact moment in time I’m speaking to the internet rather than any actual people, but I hope over time that’ll change!

Today I’d like to start by addressing the Five Nail Myths that make me sad. I’ve thought these all at one time or another, and hear them regularly from my friends and colleagues.

1. “I can’t have nice nails because my nails are short

See The Nailasaurus and Polish Etc. (Amy, specifically) for a plethora of examples showing why that’s rubbish.

2. “I can’t have nice nails because my nails are weak and/or my cuticles look horrible

There are loads of products out there to help with that! Before I started seriously painting nails, mine were extremely weak.

I now use OPI’s Original Nail Envy as a base coat every time I paint them, the results are incredible. I’ll say up front that it isn’t cheap (shop around, you never know what you might find!), but if you have to choose one thing to invest in, choose this!

As for cuticles – I still struggle with that as they can get incredibly dry. I can highly recommend Jessica Phenomen Oil and Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter – both are great for keeping cuticles moisturised, apply throughout the day to keep them soft.

3. “I can’t have nice nails because I bite/chew/peel them

This is a tricky one – nail biting/picking is a habit usually brought on by boredom or stress, so it goes much deeper than how you feel about your nails, and it’s tough to change over night.

What I can give you is my personal experience – I used to pick at my nails and peel off the ends (probably why they were so weak!) for the same reasons. If there was ever a tiny nick in any of the nails, I’d have ripped the whole end off without even thinking about it!

It took time to break the habit, and was mainly helped by getting them stronger (see previous question) – right now it’s actually really hard to peel them off because they’ve got so tough! I do have to make a conscious effort, and will sometimes lapse back into old habits, but the main thing is that it is COMPLETELY POSSIBLE TO STOP! 🙂

4. “I can’t have nice nails because I’m bad at painting them / I’m not artistic

I was never great at colouring within the lines – my parents will confirm. I also actively avoided painting my nails because I was SO BAD AT IT.

It just takes practise and a good clean up brush – go look at any tutorial videos, even the best nail artists have to clean up the little mistakes before they post!

As for your levels of artistic ability – art was not my subject at school, and I’ve never been great at drawing. Nail art is just as much as about expressing yourself, and choosing great colour combinations as it is about technical skill.

Some of the simplest manicures are the most beautiful – don’t deprive yourself just because you’re not the next Picasso!

5. “I can’t have nice nails because French manicures don’t suit me

I’ll let you into what is now a very open secret – I hate French manicures.

Classic? Ok.

Technically impressive? Can be, I’m terrible at them so a genuine well done to those who can do them!

To everyone’s taste? No.

Boring, boring, boring? YES.

Who says all manicures have to be French?!


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