Nailblazer || Mini Mani Manor Day 2 – Sharp Tailoring

Viewers, early reports are suggesting that behind Door #2 was a colour that Martha does not already have.

We are awaiting confirmation from an independent verifier.


Sharp Tailoring is an olivey taupe (is that a thing?) creme with a slight shimmer. Ciate call it ‘oyster beige’. Having never had oysters I’ll have to take their word for it…or hop on down to the nearest fishmonger to compare.

It took 2-3 coats to get opaque but it was an easier formula to work with than yesterday’s Headliner.

I didn’t want to go to overtly Christmassy with this one as it’s such a muted shade, so I decided to try a bit of fairisle stamping using MoYou Festive 03 and OPI My Vampire is Buff.


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