Thinking || A DIY Anniversary

 I am a dedicated card sender. Many a cost increase may have been implemented on the British stamp, but I am quite certain I will still be posting cards until the day I die – there’s nothing quite like receiving a card or a note to brighten up someone’s day.

On that basis, you’d think that choosing a card for mine and Boyf’s third anniversary would be a moment of joy and excitement – right? WRONG.

My main frustration is the variety of options that are actually repetitions of a small set of equally awful themes…

1. The Vomit-Inducing Ones

We’re not really a babycakes / smooshy-snuggle-bunny kinda couple…
2. The Not-Applicable /  ‘Getting-Way-Ahead-Of-Myself’ Ones
3. The Mildly Sexist Ones
Not only sexist but the snorer is me (well both of us, but he refuses to admit it). The one who expects a medal for vacuuming? Still me…
4. The Upload-Your-Own-Precious-Polaroids Ones
Fully on board, but two anniversaries running means it’s time for a change!

So here we are, at door #5 – The DIY One!

After discovering a new favourite blog, A Beautiful Mess, I decided to try out some stamping a la Scrapbook Sundays, with some new letter stamps I bought from Tiger.

While that’s great for the ‘Happy Anniversary’ part, what else do I put on the damn thing?!

Wait for it….

Wait for it…

…those things in the cupboard are called stamping plates.

“Too many nail polishes eh? Guess what I used on your card! Happy Anniversary Babycakes!” 
a gift that keeps on giving.
Ever tried using nail polish on other things?

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