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February’s reading was at least slightly more diverse (I say that fully acknowledging that two female and one non-white authors does not diversity make) thanks to signing up to a variety of Goodreads challenges.

Admittedly, I’ve approached these challenges in true Martha fashion – starting more challenges than I could possibly finish – but I wouldn’t have chosen four out of the eight books I read, had I not had a particular challenge prompt to meet. The fact that three of those four turned out to be highly disappointing is neither here nor there…

February Reads Infographic

To see more about the books I loved and hated this month, click here.

What I’ve learned this month:

1. If you thought the James Bond movies were sexist, the books are something else entirely! Dive in fellow reader, and be appalled!*

2. Avoiding “classics” is definitely a mistake! Like any genre, you’ll like some books and hate others; this genre tends to be universally loved because it represents the “best” of literature, or universally avoided because they’re wordy/long/boring (delete as appropriate). Of Mice and Men was my highest rated book of this month, it’s only 120 pages and yet I still felt intimidated before I started because it’s “a classic”.

3. In the same vein, “Feminist” literature is a minefield. While I have nothing but respect for Kate Chopin daring to write a female character who is not content with being a happy little wife (and getting it published in 1899), Edna Pontellier is still a spectacularly irritating character and The Awakening was not an enjoyable read.
*I cannot stress how much I recommend that you don’t dive in.

On the menu for March

Coming up in March

You can see all of my choices and reviews by following me on Goodreads, let me know what you’re reading so I can get inspired!

NB. Some of my reviews do include spoilers, so please check the top of the post for a warning before reading.

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