Reading || The February Unread Shelf Project Update

I might have fallen off the No Book-Buying wagon.

As I relayed to my Bookstagram pal and fellow Unread Shelf Project struggler Jo (@allweatherreader), it was really a two-stage wagon fall. In fact, now that I think about it, it was actually a three-stage wagon fall.

It started when I went to see the Suffragettes exhibition at the Museum of London. I found the gift shop. It was a book-heavy gift shop. It’s only the Centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act once right? Fantastically Great Women Who Made History by Kate Pankhurst (she’s a PANKHURST, I couldn’t NOT) and Make More Noise! by Emma Carroll found their way into my bag…legally!! Money was exchanged!

A week or so later, I discovered that Marianne Curley was about to release a fourth book in the Guardians of Time Trilogy. Yes, you read that right, it was a trilogy aaand she’s now decided it is no longer a trilogy – WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! This was a series I loved when I first read it many moons ago. Unfortunately over those moons, books two and three had gone missing. Sooo I decided it was prudent of me to buy them so that I could reread them before book four comes out. Yes, prudent! In the sense of avoiding possible frustration at trying to find them at the library and then having to give them back and so not having the full collection…yep I see where the problem is. At least they don’t have to go on the TBR because I’ve technically already read them…right?

Turns out those purchases acted as a gateway, so that when an Amazon email landed in my inbox about a Kindle sale, a few more purchases really didn’t seem so bad? Cue three books (Legend; Love, Hate and Other Filters; and The Rose and the Dagger) being purchased in less than three minutes because I knew they were already ones I wanted to read so I thought HEY why not?! The final nail in the coffin was when I realised in my book-buying fever I had not noticed that The Rose and the Dagger is actually Book Two in The Wrath and the Dawn Series. I do not own Book One. So I bought Book One. It was not in the sale.

There we are.

I’d say I’m back on the wagon but it’s International Women’s Day coming up and I’ve previously found myself unable to resist a good IWD display in Waterstones, so it might be safer to aim for wagon re-entry after 8th March.

Right. Let’s get this over with. RIP OFF THE PLASTER.

Pre-2018 TBR: 345

Pre-February TBR: 346

TBR books read in Feb: 5

TBR books given away: 2

Books added to the TBR: 9

Current TBR: 348

Could be worse?

Other goals:

  1. 15% long books: Ahead. Two more in Feb, three in total.
  2. 25% non-white authors: Ahead. Dipped down in February, but still ahead overall at 31.6%
  3. 35% international authors: Behind. Woefully. A month of British and American authors will do that to you – only at 10.5%

February Wrap Up

Despite my poor show on the TBR, I managed to bash out 9 books in February.

Favourite of the month:


Rating: 5 stars | Purchase: Wordery | Read if you liked: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

I liked:


Rating: 4 stars | Review: Goodreads | Purchase: Amazon | Read if you liked: Room


Rating: 4 stars | Purchase: Wordery | Read if you liked: Moana


Rating: 4 stars | Review: Goodreads | Purchase: Wordery

 I had mixed feelings about:


Rating: 3 stars | Purchase: Wordery


Rating: 3 stars | Review: Goodreads | Purchase: Wordery | Read if you liked: Suffragette


Rating: 3 stars | Review: GoodreadsPurchase: WorderyRead if you liked: Commonwealth


Rating: 3 stars | Purchase: WorderyRead if you liked: Josh Widdicombe


Rating: 3 stars | Review: GoodreadsPurchase: Wordery


What’s on in March:

I really didn’t get very far with my NetGalleys in February, so I’ll be trying to plough through more of those this month. If (okay, when) I buy anything for IWD I’m going to plan to read it around IWD, because otherwise what’s the point?! (Famous Last Words). Finally, I’ve got two buddy reads, and you’ll be delighted to hear that both are on my pre-2018 TBR, so that’s SOMETHING. I shall be reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine with lovely Suzi (@asbthebookworm) and Wonder Woman: Warbringer with lovely Janel (@keeperofpages)

Over to you my friends, how was your February?




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