Reading || Martha’s 30 at 30!

Last week I asked YOU to help me choose 30 books from my TBR to read before the end of my 30th birthday year and the results are in…

I was genuinely delighted to have 54 responses, I really thought I’d get one. Maybe two. So this is a major win, thanks for everyone who took the time 🙂

If you missed this one, I am turning 30 this year, and didn’t quite get my arse in gear to make a list of books to read before I’m 30, so I’m now making one to read by the end of this year instead, it’s basically the same thing, let’s not dwell on the technicalities…

I came up with six categories, ten books each (i.e. 60 in total – MATHS) and asked you all to whittle that down to five per category (i.e. 30 – MORE MATHS)

The results…

That’s right bookworms, not just a survey, I only went and made you some graphs as well! #IHeartResearch






Fantasy / Sci-Fi

The Plan

There you have it! 30 books to read in six months…except it’s really five because I want to reread all of Harry Potter in my birthday month…so that’s six books per month (MATHS). If you want to follow my progress, use the hashtag #Marthas30at30 on Instagram.

What do you think of the winners? Any you’d particularly recommend I start with?

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