Reading || Half of a Yellow Sun

For my first Instagram readalong, I spent the last few days reading Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It’s certainly set the bar high… Continue reading “Reading || Half of a Yellow Sun”


Reading || Books to keep your feminism going after International Women’s Day

Last year, on International Women’s Day, I talked about how my experience of sexual assault brought feminism crashing into my life. This year, I’m celebrating the books that have kept it going and offering recommendations for anyone who wants to find out more…

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Thinking || January Favourites


Continue reading “Thinking || January Favourites”


Reading || October Reads

October was a slower month but I still found some titles to rave about!

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Reading || September Reads

September was officially Thriller Month (cue MJ) and I FINALLY read Girl on the Train – but it was the non-thrillers that really blew my mind and landed into my top three.

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Reading || August Reads

In honour of the beginning of my 28th year on this planet (I know, I don’t look a day over 21!) I tried a variety of books – poetry, essays, a play, it all happened in August!

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Reading || July Reads

A mixed month of some very average books, but a couple of gems kept it from being a total bust…

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Reading || June Reads

Half way through the year,  54% in to my 2016 target of 100 books and several reading challenges under my belt. Time to look at June, but also the year so far…

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Reading || The Life-Saving Magic of a Good Book

HAPPY SUMMER! Or not. Because today is officially shite. Firstly, it is raining on an almost biblical scale. Secondly, we’re emerging from a double whammy of hate, following last week’s horrific assault on the LGBTQIA community in Orlando, and the senseless murder of Jo Cox. Finally, I’m quite convinced that we’re approximately three days from a xenophobia-fuelled self-imposed exile from the EU. Needless to say, I am not full of the joy of Summer.

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