Nailblazer || 31 Day Challenge: Animal Print & Flowers

Day 13 is Animal Print. When I went to New York City a couple of years ago, we went to Central Park Zoo – my first ever trip to a zoo! I remember standing in front of a snow leopard and thinking how beautiful it looked.

I also had Boyf in my ear reading the information “Snow leopards sleep for 18 hours a day – oh you must be a snow leopard then”. Anyway…

The base of this is a ‘Saran Wrap Mani’ aka achieved using cling film! I’m slightly in love with this type of nail art because it’s so quick and easy.
I started with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow on each nail and left them to dry.
Next, I took some cling film, scrunched it into a ball and dipped it in one or two drops of Models Own Misty Grey. I dabbed this over my nails at random to create a mottled white-grey effect. Don’t be afraid to get it all over your fingers, you can clean it up with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish afterwards.
Once dry, I used a dotting tool to add a few misshapen dots of grey polish. Then using a thinner dotting tool (a toothpick also works for this!) I added the black around the edges of each grey blob with OPI ‘Lady in Black’.
Day 14 is Flowers. I’ve done two rose manis already for this challenge so I thought I’d try something different and remembered this polish that has been sitting on my shelf not getting used!
Nails Inc’s Floral polishes came out earlier this year in five different colours. Today I used Daisy Lane over two coats of Models Own Blooming Pink.
As a topper, this polish gives a really pretty effect, although it can be hard to get hold of the little flower shapes. For this mani, I picked out some of the flowers and placed them on my nails using a toothpick.
I finished with a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl Topcoat.
Enjoy! 🙂

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