Nailblazer || 31 Day Challenge: Watermarble

Day 20, the last in the ‘Styles’ section, is Watermarble.
If you’ve never tried to do this type of manicure before – AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Don’t get me wrong, when done well, it looks amazing. However, for most of us mere mortals, it rarely goes well! 😦 This was the closest to acceptable I could get…
If you do decide to give this a go, there are plenty of great tutorials out there, such as this one from the lovely CutePolish.

For this mani, I used OPI Alpine Snow and Sally Hansen New Wave Blue.

As always, I finished with HK Girl topcoat.

So that’s it for Part 2 of the 31 Day Challenge! What were your favourites? Mine are definitely the Geometric and Galaxies.
On to the final part of the challenge ‘Inspired By…’, and stay tuned for posts showcasing some of my fellow nail artists.
Enjoy! 🙂


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