Nailblazer || 31 Day Challenge: Inspired By a Song

Day 22 is ‘Inspired by a song’. I chose to go with a whole musical theme rather than a specific song, because what you should know about me is that I’m a bit of a Wicked fan….

…when I say a bit…I mean seen-it-six-times kind of fan…

To be fair, it’s BRILLIANT! Of course I would say that, but six times in and it hasn’t got old. For one thing, it’s all about being GREEN, and as my previous post described, green is the best colour by far.

To link back to the theme, my favourite song from the show is ‘No Good Deed’ – it’s an epic song, and this mani is inspired by the gorgeous costume Elphaba wears – a black, lacy dress, complete with witch’s hat!

I started with two coats of Barry M Spring Green on my thumb, middle and ring fingers, and OPI Lady in Black on my index and little fingers.
To create the witch’s hat on my middle finger, I used a striping brush and Lady in Black, with a little of Models Own Misty Grey for shading.
For the lace on the thumb and ring fingers, I stamped a design from MoYou Bridal Plate 06 with more Lady in Black.
My index and ring fingers had a coat of Models Own Obsidian, from their Velvet Goth collection. I stamped more lace over that with the same design and MoYou Metallic Maroon to add a coppery tone to the glitter, as that’s how her dress looks when you’re sitting in the audience.

Finally, I finished with a coat of HK Girl.

Enjoy! 🙂

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