Nailblazer || 31 Day Challenge: Inspired By a Book

Day 24 is ‘Inspired by a book’. I chose When God Was a Rabbit – cracking book, well worth a read!

I tried to recreate parts of the book cover as that’s one of the things I like about books – I’m definitely guilty of judging a book by its cover! One of the many reasons why you won’t find me switching to e-readers – give me a real book with a cool cover and a broken spine any day!

I started with two coats of Nails Inc Cadogan Square, followed by a layer of Models Own Matte Topcoat to replicate the matte brown paper effect underneath the shiny blue.

Once dry, I added Sally Hansen New Wave Blue for the tips and stars, with a little OPI Lady in Black for the tree.

No topcoat on this occasion to keep the contrast between matte and gloss.

Enjoy! 😉

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