Nailblazer || Barry M Gelly AW14 Collection Part 2: Comparison Swatches

Every polishaholic is guilty of impulse buying a new shade, only to get it home and realise she already has the same shade…as I’m around the 275 mark, I think I need to get to know my stash a bit better before I buy anything else!

So when it came to reviewing this new collection, I decided to do a part two – how well does the new collection fit into my stash? Any dupes or are they completely new additions?

Let’s get started!

Chilli – New or Dupe?

When I buy reds, I tend to go dark and vampy, so I had trouble finding anything to make meaningful comparisons to when it came to Chilli.

Then I looked at my original swatch photos and saw that there was a lot of similarity between Chilli and Paprika – actually that was the closest comparison I had! Both have undertones of terracotta, though they’re certainly not the same shade.

Featured here are two coats of Barry M Gelly Paprika, Barry M Gelly Chilli and OPI Skyfall

Verdict: NEW!

Paprika: New or Dupe?

Like Chilli, this was also tough as my oranges tend to be quite bright, while Paprika has a lot more caramel in it.

Featured here are two coats of Barry M Gelly Paprika, Barry M Gelly Chilli, and Ciate Encore.

Verdict: NEW

Cocoa: New or Dupe?

This one is definitely the closest to being a dupe – though really it calls into question why I have three other browns that are basically the same colour…


Featured here are two coats of Barry M Gelly Cocoa, Models Own Terra Firma, Nails Inc Richmond Terrace and Essie Partner in Crime.

After one coat, Richmond Terrace has a red-plum base, but when put all together they look almost exactly the same! However, Cocoa is noticeably lighter than the other three, the truest chocolate brown.

Verdict: NEW

Mustard: New or Dupe?

A no brainer, I don’t have many yellows in my collection, and none are a mustard shade. Mustard was also the easiest polish to get opacity with.

Featured are two coats of Barry M Gelly Mustard, three coats of Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, two of OPI Good Grief, and three of Models Own Sunkissed.

Verdict: NEW

Cardamom: New or Dupe?

I was convinced this was going to be a dupe – looking at the bottles alone, it is incredibly similar to the Essie and Nails Inc shades.

Featured are two coats of Barry M Gelly Cardamom, Essie Pretty Edgy, Essie Fall in Line and Nails Inc Green Park.

On the nail, Cardamom is a lot greener, while Fall in Line is more khaki and Green Park is more teal.

Verdict: NEW

Chai: New or Dupe?

Featured here are two coats of Essie Fall in Line, Nails Inc Kensington Place, Barry M Gelly Chai and Models Own Misty Grey.

Another no brainer, grey isn’t an obvious shade to own multiple bottles of! Chai is a great addition to the stash, a dark grey with green tones.

Verdict: NEW


Happy days! Another reason to love this collection – no dupes!

Might need to address the brown issue though…

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