Nailblazer || Autumn Nails

This week was Leanne’s (aka @leasnails) birthday and she set us all a challenge for her birthday giveaway – to recreate one of her designs.

I fell in love with this glorious autumnal design she posted a few weeks ago:

Love it!!

To recreate this look, I started with two coats of Models Own Hypergel White Light.

Since buying Barry M’s AW14 Gellys, I haven’t actually bothered to do anything very autumnal so this was a great opportunity to show them off. I hear Leanne is a pretty big Barry M fan as well so she probably used these colours for her original!

I took a make up sponge dipped in Barry M Gelly Mustard and dabbed it onto the nails.

Using a clean part of the sponge I added a little of Barry M Gelly Paprika (it looks like Chilli in this photo but I promise it’s Paprika!).

Once dry I took a thin brush and drew the tree using Barry M Gelly Cocoa.

As always, I finished with a coat of HK Girl.

Happy Birthday Leanne! 🙂


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