Nailblazer || Alice in Wonderland Challenge for MoYou London

MoYou London has sent us stampaholics into a veritable frenzy again this month with a new challenge inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Three weeks in…they released Alice in Wonderland plates! Darn you brilliant sadists *waves fist* that would have made this whole process WAY EASIER!


Clearly I now want them all regardless.
The third week of November is inspired by the Mad Hatter. Cracking character – hats, tea parties, riddles, what’s not to love?


I ummed and ahhed between taking inspiration from the Disney cartoon Mad Hatter and Johnny Depp – can you guesss where I ended up?

To get this look, you will need:

  • A stamping kit (scraper + stamp)
  • Stamping plates
  • A ball of cling film
  • Polishes – three shades of green, one orange and a black
  • Either a black nail art pen or a very thin brush and an extremely steady hand!
  • Base coat and topcoat

I used:

For the green nails, paint the middle shade of green (Barry M Spring Green) as the base, and use the ball of cling film to dab the other two shades over it to create a mottled effect.



Use your stamping kit and plates to stamp the designs over the base colours and the nail art pen to write ‘HAVE I GONE MAD?’ onto the thumb.
Done! Easy as pie!


I didn’t get a chance to blog about this at the time, but here is my entry for Week 1 – inspired by the Queen of Hearts of course!

For this one I also managed to squeeze in some #untriednov – win!

To get this look, you will need:

  • Stamping kit
  • Stamping plates
  • Toothpick or orange stick
  • Polishes – red, white, black, gold and a gold glitter
  • Base coat and topcoat


I used:
Paint your thumb and middle two fingers black, and add gold stripes. Using the toothpick or orange stick, pick out some pieces from your gold glitter polish and place them along the gold lines.



Use your stamping kit to add the designs over your thumb, index and little fingers.
Finish with a topcoat.


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