Nailblazer || Charity Nails Weeks 3 & 4

Another two weeks of Charity Nails have flown by with more still to come!

E’s Nude Triangles

This lady is another who sits near me but who I’ve never had a real chance to get to know. I love her fashion sense so I was delighted to be doing her nails. She requested something geometric in nudes and golds, so we settled on crossover triangles.

I used:


F’s Green Plaid


A completely new acquaintance in this lady who chose the plaid green mani I recreated, originally part of the St Patrick’s Day mix and match by Cutepolish.
I used:
D’s Fireworks


Another new acquaintance who came on Bonfire night and asked for some fireworks.
I used:


G’s Polka Dots


This is lovely lady is a newlywed and I got to hear the whole story of how she met her husband – including writing him letters while he served in the Navy overseas ❤ <3!
I used:
A’s Galaxies


My regular is back! This time Galaxies were requested, it’s always really fun to see her and share her excitement about nail art.


I used:
S’s Bling


The brief for this one was BLING! We started with the plan to do the Great Gatbsy nails but decided to mix it up with some silver polka dots.


I used:
R’s Indian Wedding
My final appointment of the week was a colleague going to an Indian wedding this weekend. She was planning to wear a blue saree with silver and pink detailing, so we decided to pick out the pink for her nails.
I used:
Wrap up of weeks 3 and 4
  1. Always make time to practise! There were one or two where I didn’t have time to practise and I went away feeling like I could have given them something better. Practise makes perfect after all…
  2. Some people have ridiculously good genes – one lady turned out to be 10 years older than I thought she was!
  3. Galaxies never cease to look amazing!

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