Nailblazer || Mini Mani Manor Days 12 & 13 – Getting Dotty


Behind Door #12 – Let it Snow, a loose silver glitter. I know, I know that’s four special effects I haven’t done anything with. However, I also know I’m not the only one with a boyf that wouldn’t appreciate glitter everywhere.


Behind Door #13 – Silhouette. This is an interesting one – in the bottle it looks like a chocolate brown shimmer, but on the nail it’s very much a burgundy red. Pictured below is two coats.



For today’s nail art, I decided to keep it simple with some gold polka dots. To get this look I added OPI With a Nice Finn-ish using a dotting tool.



I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet.
I’m partial to the odd fashion magazine now and again. By ‘partial’ I mean that I read Glamour and Cosmopolitan every month. While I’m not always interested in the clothes (the size gap between myself and the average model makes most outfits inapplicable…), I notice that fashion editors often talk about ‘investment pieces’, ‘wardrobe staples’, and ‘capsule collections’. The idea is that you invest your money in key items that can be part of multiple looks, and outlast seasonal trends. It’s all about spending wisely.


I think the same can be applied to nail polish. I have a heaving collection of bottles (last count we were approaching 300), and I know I’m not the only one! The problem is that I’m now getting to the stage where I’ll open a bottle I haven’t used in a while and it’s gone gloopy, even though I’ve barely used it. What a waste!


I’m proud of my collection – it reflects the investment of my money, time and effort – but it’s also time to start spending wisely! I think one of my New Years Resolutions shall have to be about reigning in my polish buying!


What are the ‘investment pieces’ in your polish collection?


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