Nailblazer || Mini Mani Manor Days 16-18: Angel

Behind Door #16 – Cupcake Queen – a hot pink creme. I found it had a similar formula to Day 1’s Headliner – not the easiest to work with.


If you’re feeling blue, try painting yourself another colour
I used to think that the whole ‘positive thinking’ thing was, at best, a load of rubbish; at worst, dangerous. I’ve met people who paint a smile on their face, while deep down they’re in desperate pain that no one knows about. It can be dangerous to deny your feelings all together; to not allow them the opportunity to surface and be dealt with – these things rarely disappear so they’re only being left to fester.

That’s when you’re using ‘positive thinking’ as a mask to hide behind.

I’ve learned over time that being positive still has its role. Apparently, if we smile even when we don’t feel like it, our brains eventually get the message and we smile for real. That’s a role I can get on board with! Sometimes we can’t control negative things, so it is possible to stop focusing on them – without denying they exist – and focus on something else more positive.

If you’re feeling blue, try painting yourself yellow. The brain’s a sucker for a happy trick!



Behind Door #17 – Amazing Gracie – a sheer, very pale pink creme. This is another classic shade that also featured in the 2013 calendar. I love how pale and gentle it is, though this can mean it takes three coats for full opacity.

Delegate the negative, accentuate the positive

 This comes back to my point above, I think there are two types of people – the first who mask the negativity with relentless positivity, and the second who accept it and move on. The difference is that the first type of person will always crash at some point. The second will have bad moments, but ultimately will be a lot more stable with whatever experience they’re dealing with.

Dealing with a negative experience doesn’t mean actively living it 100% of the time – it means not hiding from it. The type of people who have dealt with it can then put it to one side, focusing on the positive experiences they have, which only strengthens their recovery.


Behind Door #18 – Tinsel Trail. This was a different special effects pot – loose diamond-shaped sequins. I decided this one would be more manageable than the loose glitter pots so I ventured in…

The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless

 Boyf and I took a weekend break to Cologne to see the Christmas markets (I can confirm they were very Christmassy). Waiting at the airport to fly home, there was a little boy toddling down a strip of glass flooring, followed by his dad.

This child was a legend – dressed in pjs and slippers and just happily jogging up and down this one piece of floor! In that moment I really missed being a kid – at no other point in our lives (…maybe as a drunk adult…) are we so happy to just run in a straight line. For all we know, the little boy was imagining something far more exciting than being in an airport.

Recapturing my inner child will have to be another New Years Resolution, imagination and all.


So what did I do with these three polishes?



I went for an angel! The markets in Cologne were awash with angels made of glass, metal and wood so when Amazing Gracie popped up I knew straight away what I wanted to do!

Two coats of Cupcake Queen formed the base of this design, followed by Amazing Gracie for the angel’s body and head. Her wings were painted with OPI Alpine Snow, and her halo was OPI Solitaire.


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