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March saw fewer offensively awful books (at least, in comparison to last month’s regrettable foray into Ian Fleming…) and the delightful discovery that I love YA!

Thanks to Easter, this was also a stellar reading month over 3.5k pages!

March reads infographic


To see more about the books I loved and hated this month, click here.

What I’ve learned this month:

1. Young Adult books are really quite fantastic – should I care that I am not a young adult? Well yes, but not in this context – Everything Everything was my favourite book of the month, it’s not a genre to be written off just because it’s supposedly aimed at teenagers.

2. There is nothing more hair-rippingly FRUSTRATING than a trilogy with a rubbish third book. Allegiant was rubbish, RUBBISH. I had a delightful Easter of racing through Divergent and Insurgent and found myself ending the month on a low note of WHYYYY VERONICA WHYYYY?!

3. There’s something to be said for re-reading a book a few years later. I first read The Color Purple several years ago (possibly whilst still at school) and don’t remember thinking it was anything special. However, I read it again this month and was amazed that I could have read it and forgotten such a powerful piece of writing! Given the complex issues the book deals with, it could be that I was just not mature enough or socially aware enough to really get it. Hey, maybe there’s some kind of underlying satirical commentary in James Bond that I’m just too immature to have noticed.*

4. I love a love story. That’s not especially insightful I appreciate; BUT given that I avoid chick-lit like the plague, I was surprised by how absorbed I was by the love stories in Divergent, Everything Everything and The Other Me. Or the key insight here is that I’m not interested unless there’s a healthy element of doom/peril/Romeo & Julietness involved – what does that say about me?!

*I highly doubt it.

On the menu for April

Coming Up in April

You can see all of my choices and reviews by following me on Goodreads, let me know what you’re reading so I can get inspired!

NB. Some of my reviews do include spoilers, so please check the top of the post for a warning before reading.

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