Reading || #PagesForPeriods Readathon 8th-10th May

There are few things in life better than spending a Bank Holiday weekend with your nose in a book, so let me persuade you to join our readathon and raise money for a worthy cause…

Inspired by the 2.6 Challenge, I was looking for a way to combine my love of reading with a fundraising challenge. I kicked around a few ideas with some Bookstagram friends before realising that World Menstrual Hygiene Day is the 28th May – and Pages for Periods was born!

What is Pages for Periods?

Pages For Periods is a reading challenge that involves reading 100 pages per day from 1st-26th May to raise money for Bloody Good Period, a UK grassroots charity that is working to tackle period poverty – periods don’t stop for pandemics!

For more information about the challenge, here is a handy video to explain it:

Join Our Bank Holiday Readathon!

I’m conscious that not everyone can commit to the overall challenge, so we’ve come up with the Pages for Periods Readathon! This was the idea of one of my co-fundraisers Hayley (@hayleyjaynereads) and I am VERY excited 😀 The idea is to read as much as you can over the bank holiday weekend and ideally raise or donate some money in the process! Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Donate to participate!

Donations are not mandatory but this is an easy way to get involved and contribute at the same time – chuck some money into our JustGiving pot and read away to your heart’s content!

2.  Set yourself a goal and donate when you hit it – or get your friends/family to donate when you succeed

Same principle as above, consider donating to a worthy cause as an incentive to meet your goal! Think number of pages, number of books, number of hours – it’s up to you. It’s also really important to say here that there is NO pressure for this goal to be at any particular level. Whether you have caring responsibilities and can only read for half an hour a day or you have nothing but time and plan to read for literally the whole weekend, your goal is your goal – the main point is to read and have fun!

3. Get someone to sponsor your reading

If you don’t want to set an overall goal, why not ask a friend or family member to sponsor you per page / book / minute / hour? Or, as some of us are doing on Instagram, ask someone to sponsor your next read by getting them to donate in return for choosing a book from your shelf (or a shortlist for you to choose from if you’re not feeling brave!)

4. Buddy up with a friend to sponsor and check in with each other over the readathon

Similar to the above, getting a readathon buddy to be your cheerleader is a great way to stay motivated and have fun discussing what you’ve been reading.

5. Complete our Readathon Bingo card

Eve (@e.f.paterson) has created this fabulous bingo card to use during the readathon – why not donate or be sponsored per square or per bingo that you complete?


If you complete a full card, make sure to post it on Instagram or Twitter and tag me, as Eve & I will be donating £2 per completed card

Image result for nervous gif

Eve has also created an entire suite of templates and graphics to use during the overall challenge and the readathon, you can find them here.

Other ways you can support us

If you can’t participate in the wider challenge or in the readathon itself, here are some other ways that you can support Pages For Periods:

  1. Donate to our JustGiving page
  2. Enter Katie’s cracking giveaway for the chance to win a book of your choice (open until 15th May)
  3. Follow #PagesForPeriods on Instagram and share the posts and stories to help make people more aware of what we’re trying to do.
  4. Share our JustGiving page and info about Pages For Periods on your other social channels
  5. Follow Bloody Good Period and support them more generally
  6. Start a conversation about periods with a friend or family member to help bust some myths challenge the stigma around menstruation!

See the source image

Meet the fundraisers

As you can tell I am absolutely not doing this alone, so I’ll end this post with a quick shout out to my fellow fundraisers:

Eve (@e.f.paterson)


Katie (@readingwithkt)


Kerry-Louise (@bookbeforeuleap)


Bec (@bectalksbooks_)


Megh (@meghsbookshelf)


Hayley (@hayleyjaynereads)


And also a shoutout to all of those who are participating in the challenge and/or supporting us in other ways – you’re the best!

Will you be joining us this weekend?

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